I had some cap work done by Dr. Binafard in Norwalk and I am very pleased. He was very professional about the way he did things, very prompt. I was very satisfied with the way my teeth look and I will be sure to go back and have any other work done in the future with the Doctor. Thank you very much!

Jerry M.

I come to Dr. Binafard’s office. He’s a wonderful dentist, he’s very thorough, and he goes over your whole treatment plan with you. He lets you know exactly what is the cause, what is your outcome, and what needs to be done from there. If you have any type of question he’s there to answer it for you and its not like somebody else comes to talk to you, he’s the person that lets you know and he sits down with you. He’s very kind, he’s a wonderful dentist, I’ve done fillings, crowns, and I even had my wisdom teeth pulled here. I’ve had no problems with any of my fillings, they feel wonderful and no sensitivity at all. Also, with my crowns I’ve never had any problems with them either. The great thing about Dr. Binafard is that he is very, very careful with you and he understands if your scared or if you feel uncomfortable. He’s there and he’s very calm and patient with you, which is great. This office is a very family oriented office because I bring my children here and he’s great with them, its not like he shoves the parents out and puts the kids in. I see everything going on and he doesn’t do things that don’t need done. My kids love him because he’s a great dentist. He has specialists that come in as well so you don’t have to worry about going to a different office. I would recommend Dr. B to anybody. Once you meet him, you’ll understand. Thank you!

Both of my kids get checked at Pioneer Dental. We LOVE it there! Everyone is super nice. I just recently took my 5 year old daughter there and was pleased with the results. The dentist took the time to explain to her what they were going to do and showed her all the tools they were going to use. There was a bit of crying but nothing too bad. I will keep bringing both my kids here.
—Tye C.
I can't express enough what an amazing dentist Dr. Binafard is. His staff is friendly and very helpful. I went in for a second opinion (I was told by another dentist that I need a root canal). It turns out I did not need one. Dr Binafard saved me a root canal and crown (major $$$$). He's honest and that's amazing!!!! I highly recommend him.
—Stella D.
You saved my life and I owe you big time! Thank you Dr. Binafard for seeing me after hours and always being honest and up front with me. I hope I dont have to see you again :)
—Shawn A.
Our family Dentist Binafard is an Honest Dentist, I been a customer for over 27 years has an amazing staff with excellent service I come from West Covina is worth the extra mile
—Joe F.
Great office staff! Every office visit of mine has been fantastic. Dr. B is the best, I highly recommend!
—Chloe K.
Dr. Daniel B Binafard is a GREAT Dental Surgeon. He is personable, friendly, and very professional. The Dental Staff is also very amazing, and very good technicians. He is my Dentist nww, for life.
—Chas D.
My husband, son and myself have been coming to Dr. B for years. Very caring and always makes my teeth happy! We drive all the way from the I.E. because we don't trust anyone else. If you want a caring and wonderful dentist go to Dr. Binafard at Pioneer Dental in Norwalk And tell him Donna aka Beautiful sent you...
—Donna R.
First time and he did an awesome job. First visit I got a root canal and he fix my front tooth. I love there hours too. I don't have to miss work.
—Flavia D.
Dr and entire staff were very friendly and honest
—Victoria D.
Amazing dentist.quick and reassuring.professional and truly interested in how you feel.glad i found my new permanent dentist.
—Housam J.
Good service & care
—Actual Patient
He was wonderful. Informative, personable, comforting. Wonderful care!
—Christine M.
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